Micropiles with steel core
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Piles and ground anchors with steel pipe core and spiral threaded external surface have been used for a long time at construction objects in different countries of the world.

These elements can act as a bearing piles in building and structures foundations bases at new construction objects, can be used as piles for strengthening of the foundations of existing buildings or as inclined ground anchors for retention of enclosing walls of foundation pits made from sheet piling or ferro-concrete.

Piles and ground anchors with steel core are constructed using compact tracked drilling equipment where steel cores of the future bearing elements act as a drilling assembly.

Drilling bit with water or cement mortar spraying jet nozzles is fixed at the end of the drill-rod.

Individual drill-rods are connected with each other through socket joints, in order to obtain the required length.

The cement body of ground anchors or Micropiles is formed by pumping required amount of the cement mortar.

The top end of the pile is fixed in the grillage body. As to ground anchor, it is stressed by tightening the lock nut on contact supporting plate, with specified torque.

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