Vibrex (Super-Vibrex)
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VIBREX cast-in-place piles are constructed using percussive method, in stamped boreholes, without soil excavation onto the surface.
The borehole is formed by driving inventory casing pipe with flat-shaped metal head fixed on its bottom with a sealing gasket, using percussive action of hydraulic or diesel hammer.

As the casing pipe with closed bottom is being driven, soils are moved aside and compacted until target depth is reached.

When pipe head reaches reference mark at the pile heel, prepared reinforcement cage is lowered inside the casing to the reference mark; internal volume of the casing pipe is filled with mixed concrete of the required class.

Then drilling pipe is pulled out of the ground, moving forward and vibrating, using circular vibrator installed on the leader of the automotive crawler. During casing pipe removal, the pile shaft is formed due to vibratory compaction of concrete mix inside the borehole.

After casing pipe removal, the metal drilling head remains in the soil, and forms wide foundation of the pile (drive point).

Widened pile foot along with compaction of soils during borehole construction provides high bearing capacity of the VIBREX cast-in-place piles.

The VIBREX bored piles can be manufactured with diameter up to 880 mm (with widening in the bottom part up to 2 m) and length up to 40 m.

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