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VIBRO cast-in-place piles are constructed using vibration method, with soil excavation onto the surface.

The borehole is formed by inventory casing pipe driving with free bottom end by vibration impact from a powerful non-resonance silent pile driver. It allows its use in urban areas.

When pipe bottom reaches reference mark at the pile heel, the soil is removed from internal space of the casing pipe
Upon reaching, by the bottom end of the pipe, of the design mark of the bottom of pile, the soil is removed from the internal space of the casing pipe using auger column.

Designed reinforcement cage is lowered inside the casing to the reference mark; internal volume of the casing pipe is filled with mixed concrete of the required class.

Then drilling pipe is pulled out from the ground, moving forward and vibrating, with the help of silent pile driver installed on the leader of the automotive crawler. During casing pipe removal, the pile shaft is formed due to vibratory compaction of concrete mix inside the borehole.

The use of non-resonance silent pile driver allows forming high quality concrete body of the pile and reliable contact area between pile and soil, which results in high pile load capacity, and enables carrying works in moderate way with respect to adjacent buildings.

The VIBRО cast-in-place piles can be fabricated to have diameter up to 1,500 mm and length up to 45 m

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