Sheet piling solutions
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The most popular sheet piling method in urban environment is the use of non-resonance silent pile driver.

The "Stary gorod - KARST" company owns a number of modern American equipment which allows driving heavy sheet piling elements in dense urban areas without damaging adjacent buildings.

Company uses non-resonance powerful silent pile drivers with adjustable oscillations frequency and amplitude, mounted on multifunctional rigs manufactured by IHC FUNDEX Equipment company (Netherlands).

A great power reserve of silent pile drivers enables driving heavy sheet piling elements with weight up to 25 tons and up to 40 m long, with minimal oscillations amplitude.

The axial direction of the wall being constructed is set with foreshaft fixed on the ground surface with short beams.

Advantages of such assembly is in providing ideal vertical and axial alignment of sheet piling enclosures, which cannot be reached using other technical means.

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