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1. Z Sections


The most important characteristics of Z-sections are extended shape of the wall and symmetric location of locks at both sides of the neutral axis. They have a positive effect on the drag torque.

The advantages of AZ series, the sections with outstanding characteristics and Larssen lock proven properties are the following:

  • quite competitive drag torque /weight ratio;
  • increased inertia moment in relation to reduced deflection;
  • increased width enabling highly productive driving;
  • good corrosive resistance properties due to thickening of steel in corrosion-critical points.


2. U Sections


U-sections have many advantages:

  • variety of sections making up several series with various geometrical characteristics, allowing selection of the most technically and economically advantageous solutions for each specific project
  • combination of a deep profile wave in the plan with thick shelf provides excellent static properties of the profile
  • shape symmetry of a single pile makes these sections very convenient for reuse
  • possibility of assembly and fixing profiles in pairs at the plant allows improving quality of driving and increase work productivity
  • easy assemble of anchor devices and flexible joints is possible even under water
  • good corrosive resistance properties due to thickening of steel in corrosion-critical points.


3. Combined walls / Combined Walls

Sheet piles can be easily connected in special structures, the so-called combined walls, creating systems with high flexural resistance:

  • sheet pilings strengthened with box-shaped piles;
  • combined walls: box-shaped piles / sheet piles, guide piles HZ/ sheet piles or tubular guide piles / sheet piles.

Guide piles in combined walls act also as bearing piles, taking significant vertical loads, for example, loads of the crane. Intermediate sheet piles retain the soil and transfer loads.



  • king Piles
  • Combination HZ 12/AZ18
  • Combination  HZ 24/AZ18
  • Combination C1 (scheme С1)


3.1 King Piles

3.2 HZ 12/AZ18

HZM 12/AZ18

bsys  Combination HZM...-12/AZ18 : 1787 mm,  70.35 in
bsys  Combination HZ...-12/AZ18 : 1790 mm,  70.47 in

Wall HZ/AZ – is a combined system, which includes:

  • HZ guide piles as a structural support;
  • AZ sheet piles as intermediate elements;
  • special connecting elements (RH, RZD, RZU).

HZ piles has two different functions in a structure:

  • as retaining elements, take up soil and hydrostatic pressure;
  • as bearing piles, take up vertical loads.

ВAll combinations are based on the same principle: structural supports consisting of 1 or 2 HZ piles are interchanged with intermediate double AZ-sections.

Sheet piles function consist in strengthening of soils and transfer of loads; therefore they can be shorter than the main HZ piles. Depending on the combination and steel grade selected, the structure safely can take up bending moments up to 9000 kNm/m.

Remarkable feature of the system of HZ/AZ combined walls is wide range of possible combinations with AZ-sections model range, including new intermediate sheet piles AZ 13-770 and AZ 18-700, as well as extended and reduced sections.

3.3 HZ 24/AZ18

HZM 24/AZ18

bsys  Combination HZM...-24/AZ18 : 2258 mm,  88.90 in
bsys  Combination HZ...-24/AZ18 : 2270 mm,  89.37 in

3.4 C1


4. Straight Web Section

AS 500 flat sheet piling is developed for creation of closed cylindrical structures supporting soil backfilling.

Stability of the cells consisting of steel envelope and ground filler is provided by their own weight.

Flat sheet piling is most often applied in those projects where rock is located close to ground level, or where it ‘s difficult or impossible to perform anchoring. The structures made from such piles consist of circular cells or cells with a diaphragm depending on construction site conditions, or specific project requirements. The forces emerging in these sections are mainly the horizontal stretching force, requiring the resistance in locks corresponding to horizontal force in the pile wall. AS 500 locking connections are manufactured according to EN 10248

 5. Sheet pile elements (Cold formed sections)

Sheet piling elements delivered from PALFROID factory, allow expanding ArcelorMittal Belval and Differdange range of hot-rolled piles, offering broad variety of sections according to the European standards.

Steel piles are supplied, 3 to 9 mm thick, with profiles of the following types: PAU / PAL profiles from 3 to 9 mm and PAZ profiles with thickness 5 - 9 mm.

Development of such profiles led to changes in lock design. Along with small, average and large-sized locks corresponding to particular profiles, presented in the stock, PAZ 44 profiles with intermediate size locks are supplied.

The sheet piling elements, standing out for high manufacturing quality, found wide application in sheet pilings construction for protection of coasts against erosion and destruction.

In addition to the fact that the sheet piling elements are installed along hundreds of kilometres of coastal lines, they can be also used as retaining walls of medium height, or as shields or enclosures for contaminated areas. In such cases, the pile locks are to be filled with bitumen, prior to piles driving.

When sheet pilings are used as noise barriers, sound-absorbing revetment can be installed.

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