Piling works
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Bored piles are constructed inside the soil base of building site, with multifunctional drilling rigs F12, F12SE, F15, F3500, manufactured by IHC FUNDEX Equipment Company (Netherlands).

Drilling rigs with automotive crawler base are equipped with cruising diesel engine and vertical leader movable upwards into working position and downwards into transport position with the help of hydraulic cylinders.

A wide range of specialized technological equipment can be mounted on the vertical leader, such as hydraulic drilling table, hydraulic or diesel hammer, silent pile driver, etc.

A separate hydraulic power block with diesel engine is provided for attachments control. It’s located on console beams at the rear part of the automotive crawler base.

Maximum weight of the assembly with attachments is 70 -120 tons. Maximum height of the leader is 25 - 56 m.

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